Top 11 Cheapest Online Cyber Security Degrees (2023)

cheapest online cyber security degree graduation

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, and for good reason. As technology continues to evolve, so do the threats posed by cyber criminals. With this growth comes an increasing demand for qualified professionals with expertise in cybersecurity. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable online cyber security degree programs available to … Read more

Best Accelerated Computer Science Degrees (Fastest Online & On-Campus CS Programs)

fastest accelerated computer science degrees

Are you looking to pursue a degree in computer science but don’t have the time or money for a traditional four-year program? An accelerated computer science degree might be just what you need. Accelerated degrees are designed to help students get their degree faster and often at a lower cost than traditional programs. There are … Read more

Can I Get a Good Job With An Associate’s in Computer Science?

Can I get a good job with an associate's degree in computer science

Are you considering taking the plunge and earning an Associate’s degree in Computer Science? If so, you may be wondering if your efforts will pay off with a good job. The good news is an Associate’s degree can definitely be worth it, as it can open up many doors to exciting career opportunities. In this … Read more

Top 16 MS/MBA Computer Science Programs in the US

Top 16 MS/MBA Computer Science Programs in the US

Choosing a graduate program is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. So it’s important to do your research and find the right program for you. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in computer science and business administration concomitantly, then you should consider a dual MS/MBA program. These programs offer the best of … Read more

Top 18 Second Bachelor’s Computer Science Programs 2024

Top 18 Second Bachelor’s Computer Science Programs

Are you thinking about going back to school to pursue your dream career in computer science? We are here to help. If you have already completed a Bachelor’s degree in another field, you may be struggling to find programs that will let you re-start your college education and get a second Bachelor’s degree in computer … Read more

Neuroscience and Computer Science: Double Major of Dreams

Neuroscience and computer science double major

Can’t decide between two awesome disciplines? Choose both! Brain and computers is a power combination, which opens doors to breathtaking technology. In this post, we will dive into the wildest possibilities that exist through enrolling in neuroscience and computer science double major and present you with several options on how to combine the two fields … Read more

Top 10 Online Master’s in Computer Science for non-CS majors

Man Using 3 Computers searching for Top Online Masters in Computer Science for non-CS majors

In this article, we will discuss how getting an online Masters in Computer Science for non-majors could benefit you in transitioning your career into tech as someone who already holds a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline. We will specifically talk about the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an online Master’s degree for non-CS majors and … Read more

Coding Bootcamp vs. Computer Science Degree: Which Route Should I Take?

Coding Bootcamp or Computer Science degree: which route should I take?

Want to transition to a career in software engineering, but don’t know what you need to get there?  Attending a coding bootcamp vs. computer science degree could both get you to your desired destination. However, the two option differ by duration, course content, and costs, as well as their respective employment outcomes. In this article, … Read more