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Coding on MacBook Air: 4 Things to Know for Beginners

Programming is one of the greatest skills that keep you competitive in the technology-first era. Learning how to code becomes much easier using Apple MacBook Air. This is an ideal platform for beginners to learn programming and start a growing coding career.

Programming or coding on MacBook Air is not child’s play. It requires detailed knowledge of programming concepts and some useful resources. There are lots of resources available online to code on MacBook Air. Here, you’ll find the best guide or MacBook programming.

Is MacBook Good for Programming?

MacBook Air is the right device to get started with programming. Most coders and programmers nowadays are going with this device for featuring the intuitive design. It has the excellent ability to handle Linux and Java.

On top of all, MacBook Air has the features to compile code perfectly and show versatility. It can access various operating systems. Hence, you can do coding in macOS, Linux, and Windows.

What It’s Like Coding on a MacBook?

Before you get started with the coding on MacBook Air, then you must know how to set up your MacBook. Learn the procedure to set up Mac for coding or programming and how to effectively get started with coding. Consider the programming language you use when tweaking various settings so that you can optimize the device accordingly.

If you are experiencing errors related to hardware, make sure to rectify them before you start coding. Else, the coding apps may not run appropriately. Using Apple diagnostics macOS utility, you can run your Mac when it fails to boot normally. One of the advantages of using a MacBook is that you can develop apps for Apple TV, iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a MacBook for Coding?

MacBook Air is worth considering if you are interested in coding or programming for various operating systems. You can run Windows by creating another partition on the drive. A MacBook is essential when you are developing applications for the App Store.

Not just for the Mac, but applications you developed on other laptops also have compiled on the Mac system. Before uploading any app to the App Store, compile it on your Mac. Moreover, to sell applications on the App Store, you must require an Apple Developer Program Membership.

Which Tech Specs Are Vital for Programming?

man in gray denim dress shirt smiling while using MacBook Pro

Rather than required specifications, go with recommended specifications to run programs smoothly. MacBook Air is sufficient for all the programming requirements, but MacBook Pro proves to be more powerful.

MacBook Air handles programming and using Javascript. How much RAM you require will vary based on what and how you work. The volume of RAM matters when you are compiling onsite or writing gaming-associated code. You will need less RAM when working on the cloud.

Processing Power

The MacBook Air is strong enough for coding and programming as it is fitted with an M2 chip. Many universities earlier suggested the i5 processor as the minimum processor for their programming courses. Hence, the i3 processor is not very powerful for advanced programming.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, clocks in at 2.0 GHz. More computational power, faster clock speed, and default 16 GB RAM make MacBook Pro superior in terms of performance.

Storage Capacity

A 256GB SSD is enough for basic programming as coding doesn’t consume much space. MacBook Air i5 is equipped with 512GB SSD storage. This amount of storage is more than enough.

When purchasing a MacBook for programming, you can afford MacBook Air with the lowest SSD capacity. You can consider getting an external drive when you don’t find the internal storage sufficient for you, particularly if you have a lot of data to store.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

To save time and effort, programmers, especially beginners, can learn some keyboard shortcuts. Integrating such shortcuts helps in increasing productivity by debugging code and making writing more comfortable.

Put your cursor and tap the Command, Shift, and Right arrow keys to highlight the code on the right of the cursor. For left, press the same keys except for left instead of right. Press ⌘ + X to cut code and ⌘ + C to copy. To paste and save a file, press ⌘ + V and ⌘ + S, respectively.

Battery Life

Several programmers using certain coding tools have reported quick battery-draining issues. When you are required to code, you must consider the good battery life of your MacBook Air.

Compared to the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air’s battery lasts up to 18 hours with a single complete charge. The 16-inch MacBook Pro can last up to 11 hours, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro works for 10 hours on one complete charge.

The Conclusion

Compared to previous versions, the latest MacBook Air is good for programming with enough storage and power. For basic programming and mid-level, a 13-inch MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and M1 chip is useful.

Beginners with a limited budget can buy a 13-inch MacBook Air for programming. However, for complex and hard-core programming, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is worth considering for improved performance and speed.