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10 Best Computer Science Podcasts To Motivate Any Developer in 2023

If you’re like most developers, you spend a lot of time learning and keeping up to date with the latest computer science trends. But sometimes it’s hard to find the time or motivation to keep learning. That’s where computer science podcasts come in.

Podcasts are a great way to stay motivated and inspired, especially when you’re stuck in a rut. And there are some great computer science podcasts out there that will help you stay on top of your game.

So, here we will present you ten of the best computer science podcasts to help keep you informed, engaged, and motivated in 2023. So pick up your headphones and tune these up!

Why should I listen to a computer science podcast?

Computer science podcasts are a great tool to stay up to date with the latest trends. They can help you learn new concepts and programming paradigms and motivate you to keep learning and advancing your career.

They are also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of coding. Besides that, you may want to listen to computer science podcasts to learn from the experience of other developers, understand the motivations behind certain computer science decisions, and be entertained by interesting stories.

It can be difficult to find the time to read articles or watch videos about the latest developments. Podcasts are a great way to stay informed and entertained while you’re commuting, working out, or even taking a break from work.

They don’t require your undivided attention like blog posts or news articles do, so you can listen to them on the go. And because they’re usually conversational in tone, they can be more engaging than reading a dry news article. 

What do they talk about in computer science podcasts?

Computer science podcasts talk about a variety of topics. Some popular topics include programming languages, software development methodologies, computer science education, and the development frameworks.

Some podcasts are interview-style, while others are more like discussion panels. Some are focused on a specific topic, while others touch on a variety of topics in each episode.

For example, the Software Engineering Radio podcast features interviews with well-known software engineers about topics like distributed systems, programming languages, and software development methodologies.

The Changelog podcast, on the other hand, features discussion panel-style conversations about open source projects and new programming languages.

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How many people listen to podcasts?

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, with over half of Americans aged 12 and up having listened to a podcast in 2022. This number is only expected to grow in the coming years.

The popularity of podcasts has led to a boom in the number of podcasts being produced. There are now over 700,000 active podcasts, with over 30 million episodes. This can make it difficult to find the best podcasts to listen to. That’s where we come in!

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We have created a list of the best computer science podcasts that you can listen to in 2023. This list includes podcasts for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Whether you’re interested in learning about the latest programming tool or you want to hear about the history of computing, you’re sure to find a podcast that interests you.

Where can I listen to computer science podcasts?

There are a few options on where you can listen to computer science podcasts. One option is to listen on the website of the podcast itself. If you want to listen on your mobile device, you can use a podcast app like Overcast, Stitcher, or Pocket Casts.

You can also find many computer science podcasts on popular general-interest platforms like iTunes and Spotify. However, these platforms can be difficult to search, if you don’t know the name of the podcast you’re looking for (we are here to give you some names!).

Will listening to a computer science podcast make me a better developer?

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new developments in the computer science industry, and they can be entertaining and engaging. Listening to a podcast will help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and you may even pick up some new tips and tricks.

However, they should not be your only source of information. To become a better developer, you should also read articles and books, watch videos, and participate in online communities.

That being said, listening to a computer science podcast can be a great way to supplement your learning and keep up with the news and advancements in your field. Podcasts are best used as one part of a well-rounded learning diet!

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Best computer science podcasts in 2023

What are the best computer science podcasts of 2023? Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite computer science podcasts.

1. CodeNewbie

Host: Saron Yitbarek 

Year started: 2014

This gem of a computer science podcast breaks down important topics for computer science and software engineering by interviewing various engineers and scientists.

Topics include how it feels to be a mobile/VR/machine learning/game developer, tips on learning programming languages, how to excel at different points of a software engineer’s career, and many others.

The podcast is both engaging and informative, and will make a great companion for your alone time. While the podcast is primarily intended for those new to the profession, the topics explored in the episodes are extremely useful for junior and mid-level developers who have already begun their journey in the software development industry.

Listen on Spotify

2. Code With Jason

Host: Jason Swett

Year started: 2019

Code With Jason is an excellent computer science podcast that interviews various experts in the software development industry. Topics include best practices for coding, career advice, and trends in the industry.

The interviews are always interesting and informative, and provide great insights into what it takes to be a successful developer.

This podcast is perfect for mid-level and senior developers who are looking to improve their skills or learn about new trends in the industry. The episodes are generally around 40-60 minutes long, making them perfect for a quick listen during your commute or lunch break.

Listen on Spotify

3. TWiT: This Week In Tech

Host: Leo Laporte

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Year started: 2005

This podcast is more news-oriented. It is one of the, if not THE longest running tech podcast to date named This Week in Tech, or TWiT for short. It all started back up in 2005 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco with Leo Laporte and some other former colleagues from TechTV who have recorded their conversation.

The podcast has a wide variety of topics with each episode but usually, it is related to the latest tech news. They also invite interesting people from the tech industry as their guests to join in on the conversation. If you are interested in staying updated with the latest news in the tech industry, this podcast is for you.

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4. Software Engineering Radio

Host: Jeff Dolittle

Year started: 2006

This computer science podcast is a bit more technical as it’s geared towards software engineers. It’s called Software Engineering Radio and it’s produced by SE Radio, a community project with the goal of providing timely and objective information about software engineering to practitioners.

This podcast features interviews, panel discussions, and occasional lectures all meant to help the software engineering professional keep up to date with the latest trends.

New episodes come out about once a week, and past episodes cover topics like big data, NoSQL databases, software architecture, performance optimization, and more.

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5. The 6 Figure Developer

Host: John Callaway, Clayton Hunt, and Jon Ash

Year started: 2019

The 6 Figure Developer Podcast is a computer science podcast that is geared towards helping developers learn how to make a great living by becoming a better developer.

This podcast features interviews with successful developers who share their stories, tips, and advice on everything from getting your first job to freelancing to becoming a CTO.

If you’re looking for actionable advice on how to improve your career as a developer, this is the podcast for you. New episodes come out every week, and episodes have covered topics like networking, imposter syndrome, and time management. The podcast also explores new frameworks, coding strategies, and programming tools.

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6. The Changelog

Host: Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland

Year started: 2009

The Changelog is a long-running podcast about open source software. The hosts, Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland, interview guests who are involved in all aspects of the open source community.

The goal of the podcast is to explore the people who make open source what it is, and to help the listener learn more about the technologies they use every day.

New episodes come out about once a week, and past episodes have featured guests like Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Googlers who work on the open source programming language Go.

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7. This Developer’s Life

Host: Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman

Year started: 2010

This computer science podcast is a bit different from the others on this list. It’s called The Developer’s Life and it’s all about, you guessed it, the life of a developer.

In each episode, host Scott Hanselman interviews a different developer about their life, how they got into programming, and what their day-to-day looks like. The podcast is great for anyone who’s interested in hearing about the varied experiences of people in the tech industry.

New episodes come out every two weeks and you can find them on all the usual podcast platforms.

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8. Talk Python To Me

Host: Michael Kennedy

Year started: 2015

Talk Python to Me is a podcast for developers who are passionate about Python. In each episode, host Michael Kennedy interviews a different guest about their journey into Python and what they’re doing with the language today.

The guests come from all corners of the Python community, including core developers, scientists, educators, and more. If you’re looking to learn more about Python or hear about interesting projects people are working on, this podcast is for you.

Listen on TalkPython.fm

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9. Test & Code in Python

Host: Brian Okken

Year Started: 2015

This podcast is more for advanced developers who code in Python. Test & Code is about Python testing, automation, and development. Each episode has a different guest who is an expert in Python.

This podcast is great for experienced developers who want to learn more about testing and automation in Python. Some of the guests on Test & Code have included: Ned Batchelder, David Beazley, Brett Cannon, Trey Hunner, Hynek Schlawack, Daniel Greenfeld, and many more.

Listen on Test & Code

Listen on Spotify

10. Data Skeptic

Host: Kyle Polich

Year started: 2014

If you’re interested in data science, then this podcast is for you. Data Skeptic is a podcast about data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In each episode, host Kyle Polich interviews a different guest who is an expert in one of these fields.

The goal of the podcast is to help listeners become better-informed consumers and creators of data science. New episodes come out every Tuesday, and past episodes have featured guests like Ai Weiwei, Bill Nye, and Bret Victor.

Listen on Data Skeptic

Listen on Spotify

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What are some alternatives to computer science podcasts?

So what other informational and entertaining sources of computer science content are there besides podcasts? Here are a few other options for you to consider:

  1. Books
  2. Online Courses
  3. YouTube Channels
  4. Blogs
  5. Newsletters
  6. Social Media Accounts
  7. Conferences & Events
  8. Online Communities

We recommend mixing it up and having at least 2-3 channels of information for you as a developer. This way you can get a more well-rounded idea of the computer science industry and stay up to date on current trends.


Computer Science podcasts can be a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field, as well as motivate you to keep learning. They can be listened to just about anywhere, and often cover a range of topics related to computer science.

While listening to podcasts won’t make you an overnight expert, they can provide a valuable overview of current computer science topics and help keep you motivated to learn more.

Above, we presented you some of the best computer science podcasts around for developers looking for continued education and inspiration. Check them out and let us know your favorites in the comments below!